HIGS increases the understanding of head injuries and improves the treatment of concussions guiding programs with crash data.


Three major problems that HIGS addresses!

  1. Mild to moderate concussions especially when repeated is often undiagnosed and can be very harmful

  2. There are good tools to treat these concussions but since they go undiagnosed the go untreated. And even when diagnosed the adherence to guiding systems are poor

  3. Helmets are used beyond its expiry date. Due to crashes or age. 

HIGS introducing

Head Banger

-a cost effective and unique indicator to be placed on any helmet to indicate that you may need to be examined.

Black Box

– a helmet integrated solution measuring forces, angulation and rotation. The proprietary AI module measures the difference between helmet and head rotation. And can  visualize the crash to understand the relationship between helmet trauma and head injuries.                                  


More information

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